Workshop exercises, September 2014

Below are the links to the Workshop exercises from this month.  Check out the excerpts, and then click on the date to read the full exercise.  Enjoy!

September 1, 2014


She reached down and grabbed her briefcase, opening it to hide her true intention. As she rummaged around, she felt the bench bounce a little with the impact of another person’s weight. She zipped the briefcase shut and lay it flat in her lap.


September 8, 2014


“Hi!” the girl on the sofa said with a friendly wave.

The girl wearing her pajamas.

The girl looking just like her.


September 15, 2014


“You deserved it, Darlene!” Mr. Brand said. He loosened his tie. “Let’s go to the conference room. Everyone else is already waiting for you.”

Darlene felt a flutter in her chest. No more waiting tables on the late shift at Hooters. I’ve hit the big time here.

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