Exercising the craft—November 10, 2014

By Ekta R. Garg

Prompt: One-Word Wednesday–Go wherever the prompt takes you: Dark


Someone had swiped the stars and scattered them across the textured blackness below. Twinkles pointed to humanity, civilization, the collective public. Above me varied shades of darkness striped the sky.

As I drifted to the earth, I wondered about those lights below me. Who lived there? What did they do during the day? What did they dream of at night?

I considered my own dreams, those precious gems I cup in my hands. Their brilliance makes me squint, the light fractured by the prism of imagination and magnified by determination. At night I make a wish and puff gently on the fairy dust that forms a fine layer on the gems. The dust swirls around me, sparkling in the moonlight. It drifts upward, to the sky, to that higher plane reachable only by faith and prayers.

Sometimes I worry that my dreams will refract my effort and determination, that my deepest heart’s desires will remain unrealized. But then I think of those stars across the textured blackness. At one time their vision represented someone’s dream, someone’s desire. A pair of brothers remained undeterred by society and science itself.

On this evening as I came to the ground in the realized ambition of those brothers, I received reassurance from that higher plane. If I continue to polish the gems with fortitude and fancies, I will soar one day. I will fly.

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