Workshop exercises, March 2014

Below are the links to the Workshop exercises from this month.  Check out the excerpts, and then click on the date to read the full exercise.  Enjoy!

March 3, 2014


Bill had offered her a radically different experience in their relationship, and she knew in the deepest part of her heart that they would have a wonderful life together.  It didn’t hurt either that his draft number was so far down the list the war would probably end first.  Although he talked about wanting to fight those Japs, Rose knew Bill’s heart really belonged to her and their small town.


March 10, 2014


A week later when she and her cousins and other family members began exchanging stories about the last time they spoke to Annette, Kendall began sharing news of her engagement.   She did so reluctantly, but nevertheless her family offered her good wishes.  By the fourth or fifth round of congratulations, Kendall found it possible to accept them without wanting to scream in response that Aunt Annette had died and no one should say anything happy.

When Trudy heard about the engagement, Kendall got her wish.


March 17, 2014


Soon they pulled into her neighborhood and then rounded the bend into her cul-de-sac.  Candice breathed a sigh of relief.  So far Rick had done exactly what he said he would: he had brought her home.  Now she just had to convince him to let her go.

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