Exercising the craft—March 4, 2013

By Ekta R. Garg

Prompt: Dialogue, when it’s working well, moves the story forward and more fully develops your characters. Keeping this in mind, write a scene for a story that is only dialogue between two characters. Let what the characters say reveal the plot and their personalities and motives.


“Oh my gosh, Michael, what are you doing here?”

“I came to see you, Juli.  I had to.  I—I was watching you from the road and—”

“What do you mean?  You can see me from out there?!”

“Yeah, well, that road right there goes by the side of your neighborhood, and I take it every night when I go to work, and tonight—I had to see you, Juli.”

“Michael, if my parents found out you climbed a ladder to the second floor of our house and got in through my window, they’ll kill both of us.  And then my dad will tell your dad, and then we’ll both get expelled from school.”

“Juli, come on, that doesn’t even make sense.  And what does it matter?  They won’t catch us.  I won’t stay that long.  I just—I couldn’t get you off my mind, Juli.  I had to come and I wanted to hold you.  I wanted to kiss you, Juli.  Thinking about you is all I can do these days, and being apart from you is driving me nuts.”

“Oh, Michael…I think about you all the time too—”

“See, I knew it!  That’s why I came here, Juli.  I knew you were thinking about me, and I just couldn’t drive right by your house without coming to you.  Come here, Juli.”

“Michael, I don’t know if we should do this.  I mean, we’re in my bedroom!  My parents—”

“I told you, I won’t stay that long.  Besides, I know you want this too.”


“Your hair is so soft, Juli.  How is it possible that I never noticed you before this year?”

“Since when do seniors notice sophomores?”

“Maybe they should more often.  You’re so different from all the other girls I’ve ever known, Juli.  I don’t know what’s going to happen when I go to college.”

“Shh.  Don’t talk about that right now.  Just hold me, Michael.”

“I can do better than that.  There was another reason why I had to come here tonight.”


“I wanted to tell you that I—I love you, Juli.  I’ve fallen in love with you, Anjuli Singh, and I wish I could stay right here with you and never leave.”

“Say it again, Michael.”

“I love you, Juli.”

“I love you too, Michael Hadley.”


“Oh my gosh, it’s my dad!  Michael, you’ve gotta go, or else we’re going to get caught!”

“All right, I’m out of here.  Just one more kiss—okay, now I’m really going.”

“How did you even get up here?”

“There was a ladder leaning against the wall out there, and I saw that you didn’t have your screen on the window.”

“My dad would flip if he found out that the painters left that ladder out there!”

“Remind me to thank those painters, Juli.”

“Just get out of here.  I love you.  I’ll see you in school tomorrow.”

“I love you too.  Bye.”

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