Workshop Exercises, June 2013

Below are the links to the Workshop exercises from this month.  Check out the excerpts, and then click on the date to read the full exercise.  Enjoy!

June 3, 2013


In those first heady days after the Transformation, B reveled in our relationship.  He would pull me into his arms at every chance he had; sometimes he would twirl me around and tell Lumiere to put some music on his new phonograph so we could waltz.  Usually those waltzes would end with a heady kiss, and a long embrace.  He wouldn’t want to let me go, and I would end up giggling and breathless.


June 10, 2013


I followed the dirt road for almost a mile, and even though I knew I would find his home at the end I still couldn’t stop that momentary pang that I’d made a mistake.  Did I really take the right turn?  Maybe I’ve been away for too long, and I forgot how to get here.  But I followed all the signs from the road.  Maybe I’ll drive for another five minutes, and if I don’t get there I’ll call and say that…


June 24, 2013


“I guess you lost more than your home there, Miss,” the man said.  “What year was it when you were in New York?”

“2011.  Why, what year is it now?

“It’s 2016.”

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