Workshop Exercises, February 2013

Below are the links to the Workshop exercises from this month.  Check out the excerpts, and then click on the date to read the full exercise.  Enjoy!

February 4, 2013


How could Eric write this? she thought.  Did he think this was some kind of sick joke?  And—and why didn’t he—why didn’t he go through with it?


February 11, 2013


“You had a twin, Amanda,” the bear said kindly.  “Your father bought two bears because he and your mother were supposed to bring home two babies.  But only one of them made it.  The other one…the other one didn’t.”


February 18, 2013


Jon talked to Suzanne for a few more minutes and then hung up.  Speaking to her put him back in action mode, and he strode out of his office with purpose.  One way or the other, he would try to find a way to help Kourtney.


February 25, 2013


To reiterate the point for herself, she shook her head and tried once again to read the magazine.  She didn’t want to bring a book with her.  Books had too many emotions, too many details of relationships either gone too wrong or too right, and she didn’t anything to do with either.

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