Showcasing the work of other writers

I follow the blogs of several other writers, and I’m in awe every week of the pieces of art they produce. In an effort to show my support for these writers and the craft as a whole, I’ve begun re-blogging some of their pieces. Check them out below!


December 2014

I just started following this blog yesterday, and already I can tell I’m really going to enjoy the writing on it.


Kat is a good friend, and we’ve been supporting each other through our various writing projects. She’s a great YA author, and here’s her latest novel, Touch:


I love this! It’s true, often writers should take a hiatus from their work. Time off refuels our imagination and gives us a new perspective on our WIP. But time off also reinforces how much we love this craft.

I Had Promised Myself That I Would Do No Writing


Some refreshing advice!

How To Beat The Fear Of Self-Publishing


My thoughts to those who lost loved ones and miss them at this time of year…

Mytwosentences 89


And it’s okay to keep going anyway!

When You Write The Most Profound Thing In Your Life…


This is a sweet piece.


There’s a reason why the words “peace on earth, goodwill toward men” get floated around so much this time of year…

Mytwosentences 87

January 2015

I feel so grateful to have service men and women who embody this spirit and fight so hard for our freedoms.

Getting High


Be prepared, it’s corny, but it’ll make you smile too.


Sometimes the comfort we derive from a familiar routine can help us more than anything else…

Table of Contents or Try From Memory?


A lovely poem and a breathtaking header photo


February 2015

Another way to think of Valentine’s Day…

Through His Eyes


Wow. The power — the draw — of complicated relationships…


A fabulous post on the “difficulty” celebrities have. :>

Kanye West Proves He’s the Most Humble Man in the World


So true. A few simple words convey reality.

Tree Truths.

March 2015

Can you imagine if this ever actually happened? And the haiku format only makes it more dramatic, more believable.


As I noted in the comment, this brings up a really interesting point. What happens to the toys when their kids die?

Woody Finally Speaks to a Dying Andy


Love the picture and the description!

Mytwosentences 97

April 2015

Wonderful! I love the sense of awe this conveys…

Look up.

May 2015

The fewest words capture this tragedy for all of us…



Fell in love with this blog last year, and I’m so glad he’s posting again!


(Love the sweetness–and the smidgen of irony–in this one!)

Dirty Floors

June 2015

(This caught my eye. Support indie authors!)

Read First Three Chapters of “The Others” for Free!

July 2015

(Another warning: Don’t invite trouble into your home.)


(True of all writers in some ways. We all return to themes familiar — or troubling — to us.)

August 2015

(Our choices have consequences that follow us, even if it’s just with a look.)

Run from The Poacher.


(The power of observation.)

Letter to the Woman I See Walking Every Day


(This one will make your heart ache.)

Dinner for Who?


(Read these two parts, and I dare you not to feel shivers down your spine. How will it end?)



September 2015

(Sometimes simplicity can astound you. Listen for the silence that follows this one.)



October 2015

(Truthfully, I wouldn’t want to either.)

(Makes me wonder about who’s behind the door!)

Mytwosentences 113


November 2015

(Poignant. And in response to the title, I hope we never do.)


December 2015

(Anyone who has traveled to any extent has probably experienced something like this at some point.)

Choose Your City.


(Reminds me of something my kids would do!)

It’s A Trap!


January 2016

(I love the open-ended possibilities in this one…)


(The rhythm hits the mark right on the head!)


(A look back to the past…)

Mytwosentences 128


February 2016

(Inevitability comes for all of us eventually.)


(Be careful to keep your significant other happy, from the heart.)


(Maybe we really don’t need so much tech after all…)

March 2016

(My parents have done a few goofy things too.)


(Technically the next section in a story, it’s powerful enough to stand on its own.)

Mytwosentences 135 (side story continues)


(And eventually you have no one else to turn to either.)

On Approach.

April 2016

(Beautiful balance between the rhyming elements and the meaning of the poem.)


(Read it twice; it’s worth it.)

Mytwosentences 137


May 2016

(This one makes me shiver a little.)

From “The Bells” by Cris Russ-Norsen


June 2016

(I want to know more!)

Mytwosentences 143


(This one might make you giggle a little.)

From “Google Naps Update 1.13.0” by Anonymous


(Uh…yeah. Waivers. A good thing.)


(When it comes to the last line, I have one thought: for her sake, I really hope so.)

July 2016

(Ah, the stupid things boys do…)


(I want a generous imaginary friend!)

One-Liner Wednesday – True Story


(For anyone ever frustrated by technology, this one’s for you!)

From “Macrosoft OS 10: Upgrade or Die” by Macrosoft LLC GmbH


(Nice verbal imagery!)


August 2016

(Ready for back to school? If not, start here!)

From “Northern Mississippi University Fall 2016 Reminders” by Anonymous


(The last line will make you smile.)

The Rule of Asses


(Some handicaps life gives us; others we may create ourselves. Fight against all of them.)


September 2016

(So maybe the snack themselves don’t sound appealing, but you’ll definitely giggle at the descriptions.)

From “4 Japanese Snacks that Flopped Overseas” by Mary Nakamura-Johansen


(Wonder how long the aliens got to observe their subjects before the inevitable happened.)


October 2016

(Uh, sure. Marriage. It’s weird. Um…okay.)


(See? You really can win a Nobel if you try hard enough.)

From “Tom Petty Wins the 2016 Nobel Prize for Physics” by the Hopewell Democrat-Tribune


(It’s refreshing to see a teen who gets it.)


November 2016

(Sometimes we don’t know the full story.)

From “The Chicken Court” by Anonymous


(Don’t ever underestimate the ushers.)


(Some stories only need a few words.)

Mytwosentences 153


(Oh, the possibilities…)

January 2017

(This story embodies everything amazing about writing as well as digging into our modern-day fears. Awesome!)

Day TripNoelle Catharine Allen


(Who knew using first person could offer such depth? Love the mindful approach and the result.)


(Oh my. The complicated nature of affirmative action.)

From “Design a Fantasy School District” by Blythe Hilson


(Don’t lose heart. Don’t lose your courage.)

The Malady was Duality.

February 2017

(This is technically a writing prompt but full of so much truth that I had to feature it here.)


(Yes. Flash fiction in fine form here.)


(More flash. More awesomeness.)

From “A Sad Story in Three Words” by Anonymous


(You might have to read it twice, but it’ll make you smile.)

Thursday Tiny Tale 9

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