Writers’ showcase, February 24, 2020

(You can feel the longing for all things home throughout this flash fiction.) https://splitlipthemag.com/features/0220/sudha-balagopal ***** (Invokes the old-world sensibility of Sherlock Holmes’ time with a fresh, fun twist. A little long but worth the read.) The Case of the Somewhat Mythic Sword ***** (You don’t know whether to let your mouth drop open in shock… Continue reading Writers’ showcase, February 24, 2020


Writers’ showcase, September 30, 2019

(There’s something whimsical and engaging about this one!) The Hundredth House Had No Walls ***** (Be sure to read the author’s note. This really is a story about loss, love, and healing.) https://www.craftliterary.com/2019/08/30/pig-son-sequoia-nagamatsu/# ***** (The moral? Sometimes it pays — literally! — to listen to people.) Vocation ***** (I actually feel sad for the trolls.)… Continue reading Writers’ showcase, September 30, 2019

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Exercising the craft—May 6, 2019

By Ekta R. Garg Prompt: The person whom you or your character have been trying to talk to for ages finally answers the phone. Who is this person? Why were you or your character trying to track them down for so long? How does the phone conversation progress? https://www.writersdigest.com/prompts/writing-prompt-im-glad-you-called *** Amelia wound the cord of… Continue reading Exercising the craft—May 6, 2019


Writers showcase, February 25, 2019

(There’s contemplation, both in what the character is thinking as well as how the story makes you feel.) https://www.damyantiwrites.com/2019/02/23/flash-fiction-wep-2/ *** (I dare you to read this and not yawn. :D) #SoCS – Yawning *** (Talk about the creepy factor!) From “Never Trust An Erinyes” by Altos Wexan *** (A book review, this shares how we can complain… Continue reading Writers showcase, February 25, 2019