About The Write Edge Writing Workshop

Three years after launching The Write Edge, my main blog, I created The Write Edge Writing Workshop. At the time, with two young children at home and a limited budget, I couldn’t attend writing conferences or workshops organized by formal groups. I decided to conduct a workshop for myself. This ongoing workshop consists of three main components: writing, reading, and community building.

In the writing component, I post a new short story every Monday.

In the reading component, I read books and articles by publishing and writing experts.

In the community building component, I share stories, poetry, and nonfiction written by others on the last Monday of every month.

Since February 2013, I’ve grown as a writer and a member of the writing community, and it’s my immense pleasure to welcome you to this Workshop. Feel free to get in touch regarding what you see here and tell me about your own writing journey.

Here’s to exercising the craft!

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