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Exercising the craft—March 2, 2020

By Ekta R. Garg

Prompt: Write a poem with each line beginning with the words “I remember.”


I remember the first time I held a sewing needle, so long in my small palm.

I remember closing my hand around it, its pinch forcing my fingers to spring open.

I remember Mother’s fear when she saw I bled gold, not scarlet.

I remember how she decided to send me away, not caring she would be alone.


I remember my first apprenticeship with the local seamstress.

I remember how she rapped my knuckles with a ruler for not threading correctly.

I remember poking my tongue out as I concentrated on the eye.

I remember my triumph when I threaded a hundred needles in a row.


I remember the prince’s first visit, my gaze going to the stitches on his shoulders.

I remember his lofty demands for garments finer than any in all the kingdoms.

I remember staying up day and night to design and cut, to baste and scrutinize.

I remember the prince’s disbelief when he came for his fitting.


I remember the first time I stepped inside the castle, trying not to gawk.

I remember the prince’s sister looking at me with pity, asking why I came.

I remember drawing blood in front of her, her gasps pressed back with her hand.

I remember telling her I would fight for her and all the others.

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