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Exercising the craft—July 3, 2017

By Ekta R. Garg

Prompt: Writing a rhyming poem about what bothered you the most today.


I’m bothered with how they take me for granted;

Sometimes it’s hard for me to understand it.


They say nice things and tell me they care;

But then, minutes later, it’s like I’m not there.


True, oftentimes, I work more in the background;

They’re not aware of how much I run around.


When I come home, I hear, “want” and “need”;

I rarely hear, “We love how you lead.”


They take a few minutes on those designated days

That come through the year to shower their praise.


But they don’t know how short those words fall

When they act in a way that makes me feel small.


True, I’m not perfect; I don’t state such claims.

But I strive to make sure the family will gain


From my efforts and talents and the work I endeavor.

I even put aside my own goals in their favor.


Their love and gratitude lift me up in such ways

That I’m left wanting it more on those trying days


When all I need is a hug or a smile or a “Thank you.”

After all, sometimes I need taking care of too.



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