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Writers showcase, March 27, 2017

Today’s writers showcase is a little different from previous months. I had the deep honor of getting shortlisted for a flash fiction contest for which the writing prompt was “Overseas Travel.” The top three winners were amazing, and all the other shortlisted stories certainly made me sit up and take notice. Because of that, I wanted to share them with you for this month.

Flash fiction, for those of you new to the term, means really short stories. Some cap that length at 500 words. The parameters of this particular contest required entrants to write stories no longer than 300 words.

There are nine stories here. Mine is the last one in the group, but I would highly encourage you to read all of them. Flash fiction brings its own joy and presents its own challenges, and I’m proud to be on this list with all the other writers.

Please read, and then share, these stories. You can find them in the online magazine Brilliant Flash Fiction at the link below. Thank you, readers!

Brilliant Flash Fiction winners of the “Overseas Travel” contest

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