Exercising the craft—February 13, 2017

By Ekta R. Garg

Prompt: The love of his life was about to marry someone else.



Brad shifted his weight, then hooked a finger into the collar of his tux and gave it a tug. The pastor had started speaking, but Brad couldn’t focus on the words. The one thought dominating his attention was that the love of his life was going to marry someone else.

He’d known her longer than anyone else. She’d taught him about love and life. About what it meant to be a man and how to treat a woman. She had seen him at his worst—his depression; his divorce. She’d seen him at his best—his first promotion; his first child.

Today should have been another high. He thought of it that way too. Sort of. It was a high for her, definitely. But today also represented a break from everything he knew as truth from childhood, and that scared him.

“Who gives this woman in marriage?” the pastor asked.

Brad had thought the line hokey, outdated. But she’d insisted. It was one last tie, she said, one final opportunity to honor the past and acknowledge the future.

He stepped forward. “My late father and I do.”

His mother turned toward him, tears in her eyes. He smiled back and leaned down to kiss her cheek. She squeezed his arm and shared a grin with the new man in her life who would turn her from widow to bride once again.