Exercising the craft—October 19, 2015

By Ekta R. Garg

Prompt: Your character is lying in bed for hours but cannot fall asleep.



Ugh. Not again. What is this, three nights in a row? What is wrong with me? I didn’t even have my evening cup of tea. Gotta tell Maryanne skipping it doesn’t work.

Maybe it’s the pillows. I told Kevin we needed to get new ones. We run out of his wine, I have to hear about it for a month. But if I want to spend money on something that isn’t going to empty out after a week, and all of a sudden it’s, “Why do you want to spend so much money?”

[Sigh] I guess I could think about what I need at the store. Maybe skip working out in the morning and just get my grocery shopping out of the way. I wonder how many eggs we’ve got. Was Kerry’s project this week? I’ll just go ahead and get the poster board tomorrow. Wait, didn’t she say she needed a colored poster? I have to remember to ask her in the morning. Remember to ask Kerry about the poster board. Remember to ask Kerry about the poster board. Remember to ask Kerry about—this is like counting sheep. Just as boring and just as pointless. She’ll probably whine about it in the morning anyway.

Oh, crap, we’ve got book group this week. What book was it this month? Maybe I should just stop going. When was the last time I actually read a whole book? Man, Shannon’s teething is driving me nuts. Is that her…I guess not. Great, now I’m hearing things. I just wish she’d calm down for a minute. Kerry wasn’t this fractious when she was little, was she?

Maybe it’s something I’m doing. Maybe I could look something up online to help her. Oh, wow, why didn’t I think about that before? Maryanne even told me about that website with all the great parenting advice. What was it…I’ll text her in the morning and ask her. Another thing to remember. Maybe I should just do it now and get it over with. Where’s my—why did I put it way over there on the edge of the nightstand? What was I thinking…Kevin must have put it there. How would he feel if I put his phone in some random place.

[Scrolling through contact list] Here it is. “Hi, Maryanne. Can u pls send me the parenting website? Thx.” Crap, the battery’s dying. If I don’t plug it in now, my alarm won’t buzz in the morning. Where’s the charger…why won’t my screen stay lighted up longer? How am I supposed to find…and if I turn on the light Kevin’s going to have a screaming fit. If I can just keep this on long enough to—why are there so many wires in this drawer? Maybe Kevin’s right. I should probably clean this drawer out. I’ll do it tomorrow after I get back from the store.

Wait, Kevin’s phone is done charging. I’ll just grab his…but that means I’ll have to get out of bed. [Another sigh] Fine. Not like I’m sleeping here.

Whew, it’s chilly! I wonder if the furnace has even kicked on. If I’m already up maybe I should go check the thermostat. Ow!! [hisses in pain] Ow…that’s it, first thing tomorrow I’m telling Kevin we need to move the dresser to the other wall. That’s the third time this month!

Why is his phone blinking? What is—is that his email? Who’s sending him emails this late at night? Is he…I hope Kevin isn’t…oh, god, he talked about someone in the office last month…what was her name? Kimmie? If a woman is going to cheat, she’s definitely going to do it with that name. Why would…

Wait, this is from CareerBuilder. Why would he be getting emails from CareerBuilder? What is… “You have three new job prospects matching your profile.” Job prospects? Profile? Why does Kevin need a profile? He’s been with the company for so long…I wonder if he saved his password to CareerBuilder.

But…wait. I’m not that kind of wife, am I? He’s not cheating on me. Oh, man, I wish my heart would stop beating so hard. But why wouldn’t he tell me about looking for another job? Why would he need to look for another…

[Heaves a huge sigh] I’m exhausted. I wonder if Kevin would tell me in the morning…but I would have to tell him I…maybe I just need to go back to bed.