Workshop exercises, October 2015

October 5, 2015

Nothing mattered—not even Evan and his fake excuses. Not even the relationship that had exploded in her face. Out here her mind felt as clear at the mountain air and the cloudless sky. Evan claimed he wanted nothing to do with her. Here, she knew, she didn’t need to deal with him. She didn’t want to deal with him.


October 12, 2015

He looked up; the pearl gray sheet shook loose its wintery dust, and the petals of the cold season touch his cheeks, his eyes.


October 19, 2015

Why is his phone blinking? What is—is that his email? Who’s sending him emails this late at night? Is he…I hope Kevin isn’t…oh, god, he talked about someone in the office last month…what was her name? Kimmie? If a woman is going to cheat, she’s definitely going to do it with that name. Why would…